Selecting Keywords

View our comprehensive Keyword Guide (PDF).

Keywords are the words, phrases, hashtags or other combination of characters that we use to target your audience on Twitter. Example of keyword types:

  • Conference hashtags – #sxsw16
  • General hashtags – #startups
  • Website –
  • Word – Ferguson
  • Phrase – conversion rate optimization
  • Exact Match – “UX design”
  • Profile text targeting – freelance copywriter
  • Mentions – @bhorowitz

There are no limits to the number of keywords you can add. However, it's important to note that Narrow loops through your list of keywords, so adding more keywords doesn't speed up the system.

The average user has anywhere from 20 to 40 keywords. As a best practice, check your keywords at least once a week. If a keyword is performing poorly (the conversation rate is far below the average), remove it and replace it with another keyword.

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